The Slim iPad As Well As The New Hardware Demonstrate Apple Isn’t Done Innovating

Do we need to reconsider the notion that Apple isn’t able to come up with new ideas during the post jobs time? Apple has been unable to launch an game altering consumer product since the release of the iPad but its latest line includes some notable innovations.

In the world of bloggers who make offers to offer Apple factory staff hundreds of dollars in order to leak photos of a shell or internal component The days of the unexpected keynote show are now gone, but this should not detract from being aware that latest operating systems and new 64bit chips, and software updates that just been released are major advancements in both hardware and software.

In the most recent keynote, Apple has completed its holiday line-up. The new iPad is slimmer and thinner iPad as well as an updated iPad mini along with upgraded laptops as well as a new version ( the operating system for desktops OS X Mavericks. This is a significant departure from Apple the new OS is available for download for instant download for free.

iPad Becomes Slimmer

Some conspiracy theorists have already suggested that the timing of this event was specifically planned to disrupt Microsoft or Nokia which are also launch tablets. Indeed, it is the case that the market for tablets has been booming over the last year, and the pressure was on Nokia to create something that stood out.

The last time we reviewed the iPad added a bit of weight to support the battery and also to accommodate the technology required to provide the retina-like display. This year’s updated iPad Air has shed some weight, streamlined, and improved its performance and capacity, and is now available for free iWorks as well as iLife software.

With a weight of 1 pound, Apple claims that it is the lightest full-size tablet on the market. Similar to how iPhone 5 users are likely not to upgrade to a more recent version, the features of the iPad Air might not be enough for users who had the last iPad to switch however, anyone who has an older device that has a retina display will experience significant improvements in performance. The iPad mini has retina displays and the same A7 processor as it’s predecessor, the iPad Air, without losing the battery’s ten-hour duration.

Many users aren’t aware of the technical challenges involved when porting one operating system over to the 64bit processor design and developing a completely new user interface for iOS is an amazing feat. From the perspective of users switching towards a processor that is 64bit within both devices will give users instant speed improvements as well as a boost in the quality of apps that are available.

The effort to do all this in less than a year’s time has meant that some aspects of the iOS transformation were not completed to be ready for iPhone launch. iLife and iWorks have been upgraded for both Mac along with mobile, removing wooden panels and leather stitching to make the interface more uniform and removing certain incompatibilities between the two versions.

Hardware Is Back In Style

The announcements also include improvements to the hardware of those on the Mac computing line. Many have thought that Apple would be embracing the post-PC age by ending its computer line, however this analysis does not consider Steve Jobs’ vision of the concept of a “virtuous circle”, where the features that were developed for one platform are ported to a different. Also, they fail to clarify the way developers can create mobile-friendly applications they did not use Mac platforms development tools.

iOS as well as Mac OS X share a substantial amount of code that is under the bonnet which means that they have greater functional flow in both directions. Techniques that improve the life of batteries in Apple laptops find their way into phones and tablets. The ability to improve both software and hardware features in parallel gives Apple an advantage over its competitors that is the reason why you can now find companies like Microsoft making its own tablets or buying Nokia to build their own phone.

A Canister-shaped MacBook Pro will be available for sale in the month of December signifies the return of Apple’s focus on its professional line after several years of apathy. The company has not offered an upgrade for a lengthy period of time, Apple is betting that the majority of professional users will prefer easily transferable external storage, which is connected via an extremely fast Thunderbolt connector, instead of having large cases with internal components.

Apple is known for its denial of market research because it suggests that the results cannot be evaluated according to what people have been through rather than what they could be look like. The jury is still out on this issue However, don’t be too surprised to see similar barrel-style computers coming from hardware manufacturers next year.