The Slim iPad As Well As The New Hardware Demonstrate Apple Isn’t Done Innovating

Do we need to reconsider the notion that Apple isn’t able to come up with new ideas during the post jobs time? Apple has been unable to launch an game altering consumer product since the release of the iPad but its latest line includes some notable innovations.

In the world of bloggers who make offers to offer Apple factory staff hundreds of dollars in order to leak photos of a shell or internal component The days of the unexpected keynote show are now gone, but this should not detract from being aware that latest operating systems and new 64bit chips, and software updates that just been released are major advancements in both hardware and software.

In the most recent keynote, Apple has completed its holiday line-up. The new iPad is slimmer and thinner iPad as well as an updated iPad mini along with upgraded laptops as well as a new version ( the operating system for desktops OS X Mavericks. This is a significant departure from Apple the new OS is available for download for instant download for free.

iPad Becomes Slimmer

Some conspiracy theorists have already suggested that the timing of this event was specifically planned to disrupt Microsoft or Nokia which are also launch tablets. Indeed, it is the case that the market for tablets has been booming over the last year, and the pressure was on Nokia to create something that stood out.

The last time we reviewed the iPad added a bit of weight to support the battery and also to accommodate the technology required to provide the retina-like display. This year’s updated iPad Air has shed some weight, streamlined, and improved its performance and capacity, and is now available for free iWorks as well as iLife software.

With a weight of 1 pound, Apple claims that it is the lightest full-size tablet on the market. Similar to how iPhone 5 users are likely not to upgrade to a more recent version, the features of the iPad Air might not be enough for users who had the last iPad to switch however, anyone who has an older device that has a retina display will experience significant improvements in performance. The iPad mini has retina displays and the same A7 processor as it’s predecessor, the iPad Air, without losing the battery’s ten-hour duration.

Many users aren’t aware of the technical challenges involved when porting one operating system over to the 64bit processor design and developing a completely new user interface for iOS is an amazing feat. From the perspective of users switching towards a processor that is 64bit within both devices will give users instant speed improvements as well as a boost in the quality of apps that are available.

The effort to do all this in less than a year’s time has meant that some aspects of the iOS transformation were not completed to be ready for iPhone launch. iLife and iWorks have been upgraded for both Mac along with mobile, removing wooden panels and leather stitching to make the interface more uniform and removing certain incompatibilities between the two versions.

Hardware Is Back In Style

The announcements also include improvements to the hardware of those on the Mac computing line. Many have thought that Apple would be embracing the post-PC age by ending its computer line, however this analysis does not consider Steve Jobs’ vision of the concept of a “virtuous circle”, where the features that were developed for one platform are ported to a different. Also, they fail to clarify the way developers can create mobile-friendly applications they did not use Mac platforms development tools.

iOS as well as Mac OS X share a substantial amount of code that is under the bonnet which means that they have greater functional flow in both directions. Techniques that improve the life of batteries in Apple laptops find their way into phones and tablets. The ability to improve both software and hardware features in parallel gives Apple an advantage over its competitors that is the reason why you can now find companies like Microsoft making its own tablets or buying Nokia to build their own phone.

A Canister-shaped MacBook Pro will be available for sale in the month of December signifies the return of Apple’s focus on its professional line after several years of apathy. The company has not offered an upgrade for a lengthy period of time, Apple is betting that the majority of professional users will prefer easily transferable external storage, which is connected via an extremely fast Thunderbolt connector, instead of having large cases with internal components.

Apple is known for its denial of market research because it suggests that the results cannot be evaluated according to what people have been through rather than what they could be look like. The jury is still out on this issue However, don’t be too surprised to see similar barrel-style computers coming from hardware manufacturers next year.

New iPads Aren’t A Surprise: Apple May Struggle In The Highly Competitive Marketplace For Tablets

Comparatively in comparison to Apple keynote which announced the iPhone 6/6+ as well as the Apple Watch The subsequent iPad event was going to be an unassuming affair. It’s true that the brand iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 as well as the iPad Mini 3 are bringing the same features that we’ve been waiting for, and it give them the look of old news. Not an ideal situation in a time when iPad sale numbers are falling by almost 10 percent on a market crowded with alternatives.

Despite speculation of a huge iPad or hybrid tablet/laptop models, Apple stuck with the similar design and shape, but they made them thinner and thinner. The iPad Air 2 is only 6.1mm thin.

Air 2 comes with this year’s A8X processor that Apple states that it’s 40% more efficient than the prior A7 model. The Air 2 also has it has a graphics processor that claims 2.5x speed. Additionally, it has an improved 8mp camera, which supports HD 1080p videos, as well as software available in iOS 8 that lets you use speed-motion, burst mode as well as time-lapse recording. The iPhone also comes with a TouchID fingerprint scanner, which was first used on iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S and also found in the most recent iPhone models.

The thing that is unique is the fact that Apple is now offering a variety of devices which are competing in the same space. The most expensive iPhone 6+ and the iPad Mini 3 are roughly similar in size. This upgrade doesn’t do enough to distinguish them. Do not be shocked if you find that it disappears in two years when the bigger iPhone is priced lower.

Apple will keep selling previous versions of its tablets and a version that can be found at any point of the range of prices, starting at PS199 for the first Mini model up to a hefty PS629 for the most powerful iPad Air 2. It’s a bit crowded, however maybe this is Apple’s attempt to compete with other tablet makers looking to challenge with regard to pricing.

Recent announcements of an partnership with IBM is a sign of a change of Apple’s indifference to the business market. Perhaps, the addition of TouchID as well as better capabilities in securing devices’ content more safely could make iPads for business more desirable. It’s all about the price: a lot of companies select the most affordable Android version that is available and lock it in only one app. In the event of a malfunction the device is simply substituted. This is the reasoning of keeping a variety of iPad models available.

The big reveal in the keynote was the introduction of a retina display to the iMac: a 27″ machine with a jaw-dropping 5120×2880 screen. This is big enough to allow the editing of super-high-resolution 4K videos, at full size, with space around it for the panels and windows of the editing software – you could call it a 5K screen. Prices start at just PS1,999 that, when you consider the price of a 4K screen, is a great cost. It also gets an update. Mac Mini also gets an update, but it’s still a basic desktop, but for those that requires a separate keyboard, monitor and mouse, it comes with the latest processors that are based the Intel Haswell core. The price drops to PS399.

The Apple productivity suite receives an update on the two platforms: OS X and iOS. The most recent version of the OS for desktops, Yosemite, was revealed in the summer, and was launched on the 21st of July. Like Apple stated last year that the regular updates to the OS will now be free.

Are these improvements on the iPad line sufficient to revive Apples business in the tablet space? Most likely no. The main issue to Apple is the fact that the market is crowded, filled with less expensive alternatives, and second-hand iPads that be running iOS 8 perfectly well.

There are a lot of tablets and other devices with each other Perhaps the lessons learnt in the time Steve Jobs returned to Apple during the 1990s were lost: make very few products, be sure that they’re of top quality, and then be ready to give up the lines.

Similar to the majority of Apple products, the new iPads are exceptionally well-engineered however, there’s no way to differentiate these models from other ones the fact that they’re sold in a gold color isn’t enough to warrant them as an absolute must-have.

Apple’s Latest iPad Isn’t A Game-Changer. However, Is All That Really Need To Be A Factor?

Since Steve Jobs’s passing of Steve Jobs people with an interest in the subject have been looking for the first lapses in Apple’s seemingly flawless path towards becoming the most appreciated and important company.

Since the debate about Apple is so divisive it’s difficult to determine whether the recent announcement of a brand new iPad will continue to boost Apple’s growth, or signal the beginning in the decline.

Steve Jobs was, among many other things, an incredible magician. Through sleight of hands and an air of charisma, Jobs made minor changes to Apple products seem significant. It’s unclear if the Apple’s CEO of today, Tim Cook, has the same tricks in his bag.

Cook’s situation was made worse by the announcement made today of Apple’s brand new iPad. According to what was reported in the press prior to the announcement this updated iPad has more to do with a specification upgrade rather than a major overhaul.

The latest iPad has a higher-resolution “retina” display (2048 x 1536 pixels) that experts have already criticized as a bit too much. The display of an high-definition 1080p film would leave 33 percent of the screen’s pixels unoccupied.

The iPad’s higher resolution would be very beneficial in the event that Apple would be able to split the screen in order to allow multiple apps to run simultaneously. However, it’s unlikely to happen, at the very least not until the next operating system update – iOS 5.1 that was also revealed today.

The latest iPad is expected to launch in Australia from March 16, also comes with more powerful processors – it’s an A5X in comparison to an A5 processor in iPad 2. iPad 2. A5X, Apple claims A5X, Apple claims, is twice more efficient than the A5. It sounds impressive, however there haven’t been any complaints regarding it. iPad 2 being too slow. Naturally more powerful CPUs as well as graphics processors are required to increase the screen’s resolution. Maybe Apple has upgraded its processor to meet this need.

One of the most requested upgrades is the better-quality and higher-resolution cameras. There will be a five-megapixel camera at the rear of the device, and an front-facing HD camera. Evidently, the notion of using a tablet to serve as camera (unwieldy at the very least) hasn’t stopped people from making use of the iPad to shoot video in this manner.

Finally, there’s the decision to support the 4G LTE wireless networking, the next-generation wireless connectivity.

The inaccessibility of 4G in a majority of regions ( including Australia) and the additional energy requirements could restrict the popularity of this feature. However, the bigger battery inside the latest iPad helps offset this. Being able to claim that your iPad can support 4G is likely to be enough to make many buy the latest version of this Apple tablet.

We Should All Be Ecstatic?

To answer this question, it’s worthwhile to look back at when we saw the introduction of the iPhone 4S in October of the previous year. The rumours about the launch had led consumers to anticipate the launch of the iPhone 5, only for the iPhone 4S to be launched as a specification upgrade. It was evident that any disappointment was overshadowed by the release of Siri and Apple was able to get away with a relatively unnoticeable upgrade.

While the new iPad includes a voice dictation feature however, the feature isn’t Siri. Also, the anticipated announcement of the brand new Apple TV also didn’t happen.

It is believed that the Apple TV is a believed to be a 37-inch TV that’s capable of using touch, is operated by Siri and also has cameras that can be used to capture hand gestures.

However, Apple has announce a new version of its current media player that is, at times, also referred to as “the” Apple TV. The launch was not unexpected and doesn’t really represent a huge leap forward.

However, perhaps they are content with incremental improvements so long as they are directed in the proper direction. In the end, it’s unrealistic to believe that a company, even one as powerful and large as Apple to launch groundbreaking new products every year.

It’s important to note that any hype surrounding the launch regarding the upcoming iPad either positive or negative, is unlikely to have any impact on how well the tablet will be a success or not. Some predict that Apple is expected to be selling 65 million iPads this year, which is up over 51.4 million in the year 2011. Users of an original iPads will be enticed to upgrade to the latest iPad. Expanding further into market Chinese market, as well as within the existing market, could have the newest iPad customers join in the ranks.

The thing that Apple has achieved is convincing users that they require a variety of devices and convincing people to purchase the iPad rather than a third or second PC at home. The trend will continue once it comes to the Apple TV is eventually announced.

Apple’s annual announcements of new products have become a popular activity for the US. The mythology surrounding them has grown up around them, fuelled by rumours leading up to announcements, and then analysis following the announcements. All this excitement, good and negative is largely ignored due to the lines of excited customers lining up outside of the Apple stores, eager to purchase what was announced. The bottom line is that it’s difficult to imagine the situation changing anytime soon.

If you’ll allow me to be excused I’m going to get out and stand up.